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Pin Pals - Karen's original design!

Wrist pincushions, featuring soft comfortable sweatshirt ribbing as the wristbands.

Light as a feather to wear, each little "pillow" pincushion holds up to 200 pins, leaves your hands free, but keeps the pins right where you need them as you move around your workspace.

An alternative use for your Pin Pal -- leave out the pins and rotate the cushion around to the bottom of your wrist to give support to your wrist when using your computer mouse.

Assorted colors and patterns - specify color family desired when ordering.

$ 5 each

Wrist pincushion

Wrist pincushions

Heart-shaped Victorian versions with lace or braid trim, $6 to $7 each.

heart shaped victorian pin pal with lace trim

heart shaped pin pal with fringe trim

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